Bad Breath - Morning Breath

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What is Morning Breath.  It is that horrible taste and smell you wake up with. You may notice this on yourself or your partner. Morning Breath is also obvious after any period of sleep, it doesn't have to only be in the morning. 

If you drink alcohol before sleep, or if you snack and do not clean your mouth before sleep. Then you will notice a much increased morning breath problem when you wake.

The Three Main Reasons for Morning Breath

  1. Your saliva flow slows down or can even stop. This means that there is less removal of bacteria, less oxygen in the mouth, and less tongue movement. These are all signals to anaerobic (non oxygen) bacteria to begin breeding. During the course of one night's sleep you can manufacture two or more generations of new bacteria. These bacteria will eat the proteins in coatings found on the tongue, gums and the mouth in general and release their waste products, called Volatile Sulphur Compounds.

  2. Mucous in the Nasal Area Thickens. Due to the lack of saliva while you sleep, the mucus you produce can stick (quite tenaciously) to the back of the throat just behind the gag reflex. This area is very difficult to clean. This mucus is high in protein and the bacteria that grow inside the mucous use it as a food source, making lots of Volatile Sulphur Compounds (the smells of Morning Breath)

  3. Your Tongue Falls to the Back of the Throat. When you sleep the tongue relaxes in the mouth and falls to the back of the throat. This action allows the tongue to be colonised by the bacteria growing in the throat mucus. That is why when you wake in the morning, you not only have a bad or sour taste and breath, but you can also exhibit a coating on your tongue. This coating can be yellow or white depending on its severity and the amount of sulphur contained.

Treatment for Morning Breath. The KForce Treatments will all help this condition. It is essential to use a non-foaming gel every day to clean your tongue right to the very back of the mouth. KForce Toothpaste and KForce Tongue Gel both have Zinc Gluconate to remove volatile sulphur compounds and Xylitol which is an antibacterial artificial sweetener to ensure a clean healthy tongue. Because it is non-foaming and concentrated, you can clean to the back of the tongue without gagging. KForce Balance Rinse helps to oxidise the mouth and promote a good bacterial balance important to tackle morning breath. Finally we recommend a Hypertonic Pressure Saline Flush to remove any trapped mucous at the back of the throat.

NOTE - Bad Breath is easily treatable with the KForce Range of Products. KForce comes with a personal guarantee that if the products do not work for you, we offer you a Free Consultation at our Edgecliff Clinic to review your individual case.