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"Periodontal (gum) disease is swelling of the gums (gingivae) and damage to the bone that anchors teeth in the jaws. It is thought to affect around 20 per cent of Australian adults and it's the most common cause of tooth loss."

100% Free Gum Treatment

As a Dentist we are trained to detect and treat this horrible disease before it costs you your teeth, smile and confidence. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do your gums bleed when flossed or cleaned?
  • Does your breath smell?
  • Do your gums have an angry red colour to them?
  • Are your gums ever sore?
  • Do your teeth feel they have moved or drifted?

    Unfortunately gum disease is a fact of life. It is caused by the same bacteria that cause dental caries (decay). It begins when bacteria in your mouth consume the carbohydrates in the food you eat to produce plaque. If plaque isn't removed with thorough cleaning, eventually the damage goes beyond the tooth and progresses to the structures that support the teeth, including your gums. Some studies say that over 90% of adults over 45 years of age are the ones worst affected.

    If you find it difficult to clean your teeth well, for example if you wear braces or dentures, or if you have irregularities in your teeth that you can't reach with a toothbrush, seek our help. Keeping all the surfaces of your teeth and your gums clean is a must to prevent oral health problems.

    Other factors that raise your risk of gum disease include:

    • Smoking. This reduces the amount of oxygen-carrying blood reaching the tissues. It also weakens the immune system making it harder for your body to fight infection. Smokers also have more dental plaque than non-smokers and this makes it easier and faster for gum disease to progress more rapidly. Around a third of gum disease in Australia is caused by smoking.
    • Diabetes. Diabetes can reduce your body's resistance to all types of infection, including oral infections.
    • Conditions and medications that suppress your immune system. Conditions such as cancer and HIV/AIDS and the medications used to treat them can suppress the immune system and increase your risk of gum disease. Some of these medications reduce saliva flow, which can also be a risk. Saliva helps protect your teeth and gums from the bacteria that cause dental decay and periodontal diseases.
    • Genetic susceptibility and ethnic background. It seems that some people are more prone to developing the condition than others, particularly people from certain ethnic backgrounds. This may be down to differences in diet between cultures, or it could also be due to genetic susceptibility to oral bacteria.

    In all of these cases though, the main cause of the gum disease is the build up of plaque.

    100% Painless Cleaning Technology

    Keep Smiling As We Can Fix This!

    We at BreezeCare Oral Health are excited to tell you some great news. We have heavily invested in non invasive monitoring and cleaning technology to stop and even reverse this disease. In fact we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in novel patented machinery.

    And the news gets even better. All of our non invasive painless treatment can be completely free for you. All you need is Private Health Fund Cover to avail yourself of our services.

    Not only will we carefully diagnose any issues. We will treat them. And then we will stop them from recurring.

    Our Treatment Completely Free

    • Halicheck Breath Test - We analyse a sample of your mouth air for gaseous compounds that cause bad breath. Our Oral Chroma machine is one of only a few in Australia. in fact we are the distributors of this machinery to all dental clinics in Australia and New Zealand. So you will be analysed by the inventors of the Halicheck Protocol.
    • Clinical Dental Exam with Comprehensive Xrays - We will examine your teeth every few months under high powered magnification and fibre optic lights, to see the earliest signs of any oral health problems. We can even capture any problems with a small camera that fits in your mouth, so that you can see and understand any issues we see. You are an active participant in your own treatment.
    • Airflow Powered Water and Air Clean - We use Erythritol and Glycine powders carried in a pressured heated water spray to 100% painlessly blast away any stains and hard deposits that are affecting your smile or causing you gum disease.
    • Ongoing Monitoring to prevent reoccurrence - We will actively call you and remind you to come and visit us. We understand you get caught up in daily life so let us be your personal secretary.
    • Free Toothpaste and Oral B Brush Head - Every time you visit us we will show you how to clean your teeth. When you leave us with your sparkling pearls we will send you off with our Free Home Pack.

    All of this treatment is covered by your Private Health Fund. And if you do not have health cover then we can ensure care of your teeth will still be affordable.

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