New Technology Allows 100% Painless Dental Clean

"We have all been there, at the dentist, cringing with sensitivity as our teeth are professionally cleaned. But what if I tell you that there is a game changer newly released to the market, that no longer hurts and cleans better than ever before."

World First Painless Dental Clean

EMS (a Swiss Innovative Dental Company) has developed the Guided Biofilm Technique or GBT so that we as dentists can finally clean and polish teeth thoroughly and with no pain.

This Dental Spa Treatment is recognised by all the health funds and is claimable. And if you belong to BUPA the service is completely free (health fund rebate only) for almost all BUPA customers. This is because we are recognised as a BUPA Platinum Provider Clinic.

GBT involves using:

  • Warm Water slightly above body temperature. The reason for this is to not cause sensitivity on any exposed root surfaces or sensitive teeth.
  • Compressed Air to blast the warm water at pressure onto the tooth surface. This way no dental instrument is actually touching the tooth. And again as nothing is touching. It does not elicit sensitivity.
  • Erythritol Cleaning Powder. Erythritol is part of the same family as Xylitol and Sorbitol. It has shown great cleaning and health properties. This is the first time this powder has been harnessed for such a technique. You will start to see Erythritol in a lot more healthy dental products very soon.
Only the water and powder touches the teeth as you can see from the video. This cleaning process can remove all the biofilms (sticky substances) that form on teeth. We stain them first so we can see exactly what needs to be removed.
The amazing thing about this procedure, is that is can also be used to clean your tongue. So it is a great tool in combating bad breath.

And better still, patients that come regularly for their clean also receive a Free Oral B Electric toothbrush Head to use on their toothbrush. Watch this short video to see how great this technology is, and then call us to make your Health Fund Claimable appointment with us on 1300-653-335 or click the Button below to leave your details and we will call you and make an appointment fro you. Click Here To Book Your Appointment Today -> This is an exciting advancement in dentistry. We look forward to showing GBT personally to you at your next visit.
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