Learn About Bad Breath & Why It Happens

Have you ever heard the proverb "A rolling stone gathers no moss"? Well it can also refer to bad breath. Let me explain.

The 12 hour Model

Bacteria clump together in the mouth, form colonies, then break down proteins for energy, and finally release smell compounds we recognise as bad breath. The whole model takes approximately 12 hours. So like the rolling stone in the proverb, if you removed the bacteria colonies every 12 hours the smells would not occur.

This model is not specific for the mouth, we know that if we do not shower every day or more frequently (depending on exercise and surroundings) then our underarms will smell.

Bad Breath Means I Have A Disease

BreezeCare Breath Clinic has been treating patients with breath issues since 1995, and we can say that 95% of breath issues come from the inability to clean these bacteria colonies away. And most of the other 5% of people have some form of gum disease. Breath issues DO NOT come from the stomach, and mostly come from the mouth, the sinuses and the throat.

Just Use Mouthwash From The Shop, It's Cheap

No mouthwash alone will work. That is because the bacteria colonies form a protective barrier over themselves called a "biofilm", that stops chemicals from penetrating. Also store mouthwash has harsh disinfectants in them. These disinfectants can end up causing problems. but that is another story.

You need to clean the bacteria colonies and biofilms away every 12 hours (this can only be done with manual cleaning using a cleaning agent, toothbrush and tongue cleaner). And then use specific oxygenating mouthwash to change the environment in your mouth. The more oxygen you pump into your mouth the less anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that live without oxygen) will occupy the mouth space. It is anaerobic bacteria that break proteins down and cause bads breath.

Why Is Nasal Spray Important

At our Breezecare Clinic we see a lot of patients that have mucous collection in their throats. It is impossible to clean this area from the mouth. so we use special high salt flushing sprays that go through the nose, and flush away mucous that is clinging to the wall of the nose and throat. this works amazingly well.

We use hypertonic (more salt) sprays as they do not leave you feeling congested. And we use sprays that are in a pressure bottle so that we can use a mist under pressure to remove the maximum amount of mucous in a gentle method.